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Apply your experience to the Turn/River team and our growing portfolio of cutting-edge software companies

Our culture, values and passions mirror those of the companies we support.


Success requires teamwork, and we believe everyone has something valuable to contribute. No matter your background, your work history, or your career stage—at Turn/River, your specific perspective will help drive decisions large and small.


We are unashamed to be ambitious. We make decisions using structured, methodical processes. We promote proactivity, not heavy-handed management, and we empower our people to take ownership of their tasks and projects.


We’re always learning, and we embrace new ideas. Our innovations arise from data-driven insights, and we treat missteps as learning opportunities. We encourage accountability, and we’re constantly refining our approach.


We value the objectivity of data, and we stand by what’s right. We are transparent about results, creating an open environment with a strong focus on proactive communication.


We aim to be a champion of everyone—of both the investors and entrepreneurs who work with us, and the employees and individuals who make up our community. By seeking and amplifying voices from different backgrounds, we create opportunities for everyone to be seen, heard, valued, and supported.

Social good

In the same way that we effect change in our portfolio companies—through hands-on involvement—we also volunteer our time, skills, and financial support to help strengthen our community, partnering with organizations like Circle the Schools.