Growing Further, Faster

​Modern software companies need more than just capital. That’s why our operations team matches yours with a deep bench spanning sales, marketing, customer success, and talent acquisition. Our growth system is honed through weekly portfolio A/B tests that generate cross-portfolio insights. This data-driven approach is tailor-made for software sales and positions companies to unlock transformational growth.

Charting a course to growth

Our in-house marketers work with you to drive demand strategies that adapt as you scale. Sales and Conversion Rate Optimization specialists work with your teams to improve lead conversions, pipeline movement, and close rates as part of a comprehensive growth strategy.

Turn/River added the science around our sales funnels. Bringing in the right team, setting the right pace, and putting the right KPIs around our systems – focusing on things that actually move the needle.”

Matt Cotter CEO of Pairsoft

Matt Cotter
CEO, PairSoft

Scale headcount to match business needs

From building outbound sales teams to establishing overseas offices, our dedicated talent coaches help you plan for scale while minimizing risk. We equip your team with the skills they need for each stage of growth, and endeavor to expand your team and margins simultaneously.

T/R’s team of high-caliber, highly-qualified professionals make working together a breeze. They are assertive and realistic, but also emotionally cognizant in their approach to working with others and determining the best plan of action.”

Julie Rieken
CEO, Trakstar

Improve retention and expansion

Our Customer Success experts have helped dozens of companies onboard new customers, transition from maintenance to subscription licenses, and improve net retention to best-in-class level after product launch.

Starting at the top of the funnel,  Turn/River works to improve your conversion rates at every stage of the customer acquisition and retention journey. Each one of these single-digit improvements can accrue into double-digit, meaningful, growth.”

Will Conway CEO of Pathwire

Will Conway
CEO, Pathwire

Transform for growth

We seek to augment, not replace, organic growth with thoughtful M&A. We listen to your product ambitions and customer feedback, and source complementary companies that scale your offerings. Then we back you up with capital and integration support.

It is remarkable how quickly the folks at Turn/River have made themselves an integral part of our organization—a true B2B partner that has helped us accelerate our go-to-market and maximize growth.”

Kevin Gallagher
CEO, CoSoSys

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