Brian Bevilacqua Vice President, Investments

Brian Bevilacqua

At T/R, we work proactively to build our portfolio companies into industry leaders.

I have always been interested in understanding how things work.  I especially enjoy analyzing software companies and the complex technology ecosystems in which they operate. I’ve found that my colleagues at T/R share that same curiosity which makes for a compelling, collaborative workplace.

At T/R, I am responsible for evaluating new investment opportunities and supporting our portfolio companies. My goal is to identify and implement operational best practices that accelerate growth and help our businesses scale. At T/R, we work proactively to build our portfolio companies into industry leaders.  Instead of sitting on the sidelines, we’re on the field, consistently influencing business outcomes and driving results for our partners.

I’ve worked with software companies in various roles during my career.  As an investment banker at William Blair, I was exposed to the technology M&A landscape and the broader capital markets. At Battery Ventures, I utilized a product-market fit investing approach and learned a great deal about how product differentiation can drive market leadership. T/R has provided me with an entirely new lens to view technology investing. Through our operationally focused approach,  we don’t just identify market leaders, we help create them. 

In my spare time, you can catch me watching my beloved Las Vegas Raiders or Golden State Warriors. I also enjoy embarrassing myself on the golf course.




Claremont McKenna College (BA/MA)

Prior Experience

William Blair

Battery Ventures