Cecilia Bao Associate, Investments

Cecilia Bao

It’s exciting learning about new mission-critical software products and driving them to new levels of growth.

Every day at Turn/River, I’m driven to be a better version of myself. Small, incremental improvements add up over time to support our dynamic team.

I honed my skills in pattern and trend recognition while studying applied mathematics and statistics at Johns Hopkins University. Before joining T/R, I worked as an investment banker within J.P. Morgan’s San Francisco-based tech team, helping companies execute mergers and acquisitions and raise equity. My proudest accomplishments in my career so far are working on the team that took ForgeRock public and working on VMware’s spinoff from Dell. 

I regularly draw on my experience working with public enterprise software companies to identify indicators of success and potential challenges when looking at a new investment.

At T/R, I split my time between working closely with finance teams at our portfolio companies and sourcing, evaluating, and executing new investment opportunities. T/R takes diamond-in-the-rough companies with A+ products that need to refine sales and marketing strategies, working to implement solutions to optimize every aspect of their business. We precisely identify where companies need help and succinctly quantify our approach. It’s exciting learning about new mission-critical software products and empowering them to reach new levels of growth.

While my work provides me with great problem-solving challenges, I love a good physical challenge too, whether that’s playing basketball, ultimate frisbee, or going for a run. I also enjoy spending time with my Frenchie puppy.




Johns Hopkins University


J.P. Morgan