Colleen Fazio Manager, Data Science

Colleen Fazio

At T/R, everyone’s ideas have value.

Integrating systems and piecing together segmented data is a lot like painting. 

The individual brush strokes might not tell you much on their own but when you integrate and sync them, you get a full picture that you can use to draw insight, refine your process, and find out what’s working and what’s not. 

I work on the data team at Turn/River, ensuring companies’ systems and tools are set up and integrated so clean, organized data flows between all entities. This process helps portfolio companies effectively track and report while also giving them the ability to perform analysis projects.

I studied neuroscience at The Ohio State University, and loved learning about how small molecular-scale phenomena come together to create reactions, emotions, and bodily changes. For me, there’s a direct link between those studies and my love for piecing together systems, tools, and data to build insight.

After graduating, I spent some time with Yelp as an account executive. After that, I experienced all aspects of growing a company as a business development representative for Universe, an event-organizing company acquired by Ticketmaster. My role at Universe eventually shifted to operations, where I found my love for data insight—leading me to T/R.

T/R focuses on continuous growth in every aspect. We encourage data-driven, creative thinking. At T/R, everyone’s ideas have value.

My greatest accomplishment at T/R is working with the amazing team at one of our portfolio companies to complete a Salesforce implementation.

It’s inspiring knowing that the work I put in unlocks insights to expand and grow the portfolio companies.

When I’m not combing through data or systems, I love spending time with my friends, family, and my dog, Nova, and cat, Calypso. I have a strong love for learning, so you might also find me at the local community college learning a new skill, whether that’s coding in Python or dabbling in watercolors.




Ohio State University

Prior Experience


Universe, a Ticketmaster company