Danielle Ricci Vice President, Marketing

Danielle Ricci

We take pride in our unique model, which focuses on operational excellence rather than cost-cutting.

One remarkable thing about Turn/River is that our culture of collaboration is so strong, so deeply ingrained in the very fabric of the organization, that you almost have to remind yourself not to take it for granted. It’s rare to find an organization that’s free of unproductive friction and internal politics, one where everyone is laser focused on creating value for our companies. 

In my role at T/R, I serve as both a partner and mentor to the heads of marketing inside each of our portfolio companies, helping them set a long-term strategy for growth, and working alongside them to implement those tactics. I’m the person who watches their blindspots. I alert them to the problems they don’t see coming—the kind that won’t become obvious until weeks, months, or years down the line. Doing this job requires an equal level of fluency in both the analytical skills that power our data-driven performance marketing strategies, and the more creative thinking that goes into branding and messaging. 

Fortunately, I’ve always been something of a left brain-right brain hybrid. After graduating from Dartmouth College, I began my career at TATTOO Brand Strategy, a boutique firm where I learned to understand buyers by analyzing their purchasing behavior. I then decided to switch gears and joined a performance marketing agency, where I spent years running enormous SEO and paid media campaigns for enterprise software clients like Microsoft. That experience inspired me to take a position at Aurea Software—where I ran a go-to-market team that built marketing programs for the firm’s entire portfolio—and later led me to T/R. 

One of the best things about working with T/R is that we provide our partners with insights from all of our successes, as well as our failures, to help them get a leg up. We take pride in our model, which focuses on operational excellence rather than cost-cutting.

When I’m not setting growth strategies for portfolio companies, I recharge through community. In my free time, you can find me bonding with the other dancers during the several classes I take per week or joining the pit and crowd surfing at a local punk show.




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