Donny Dailey Vice President, Investments

Donny Dailey

I believe in helping others unlock their untapped potential.

I believe in helping others unlock their untapped potential. At Turn/River, I am committed to ensuring our companies understand the complex circumstances and metrics that drive their success, and to helping them build a growth plan that drives optimal outcomes.

While studying economics at the University of Chicago, I learned that simple explanations rarely tell the entire story in a world where outcomes are driven by a complex set of incentives and external factors. After college I joined the global investment banking firm William Blair, where I focused on software mergers and acquisitions, helping companies communicate their value and growth opportunities to potential acquirers. These experiences sharpened my understanding of the factors that drive software growth, and how we can build lasting value for our companies.

My role at T/R is finding and evaluating new investment opportunities where we can work alongside founders and management teams to unlock their highest potential. I enjoy diving deep into the data to determine how we can enhance business performance by using quantitative and qualitative analysis to uncover the full picture.

When I’m not analyzing software companies, I’m searching for the perfect steak, playing tennis, powerlifting, or cooking meals for my friends and family.




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