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Joanne Yuan

It means a lot to me that the comment I most frequently hear from CEOs is “Turn/River is different.”

I believe the best way of knowing is doing. Growing up, I spent most weekends selling parts at computer trade shows, helping my dad run his one-man shop. That’s how I experienced firsthand the challenges bootstrapped companies face and the resiliency of their leaders. 

I’ve always liked figuring out how things work. My perspective on software growth has been shaped by experiences with businesses of all kinds, at all stages (even a brewery). I’ve invested in software from pre-launch to post-IPO, and worked everywhere from seed-stage venture to Google. 

As a VC, I met many impressive founders and even helped a few grow their ideas into multibillion-dollar businesses. But I also saw how the venture industry can sideline healthy companies or set them onto cash-burn treadmills.

Turn/River’s novel approach to software investing addresses a space between venture capital and private equity. We adapt Silicon Valley’s best modern software growth tactics to companies everywhere, carving a path for capital-efficient growth without compromises. 

That’s why I joined Turn/River to lead investments, build an industry leader, and grow a community where each member—investor, founder or operator—makes everyone else better.

It means a lot to me that the comment I most frequently hear from CEOs is “Turn/River is different.”

Though I’m serious about work, I try not to take myself too seriously. I’m just as likely to get a message from a CEO bragging about the birthday cake they baked for their kid as I am to get one about an urgent customer dilemma.  

On weekends you’ll find me hiking the San Francisco trails with my family or running (slowly) by the water.




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