Kelsey Andrews Associate Vice President, Investments

Kelsey Andrews

I believe that humility is key to continuous learning.

As an investment associate at Turn/River, I focus on sourcing, evaluating, and executing investment opportunities for the firm. 

I find it rewarding to collaborate with a team to help identify strong businesses, partner with them, and work together to take them to the next level of growth. Having played team sports my whole life, I’ve found that there is nothing more fulfilling than sharing a common goal, collaborating, and building success with a group of driven and hard-working people. In fact, T/R’s amazing team culture, along with its differentiated and intelligent investment strategy, are a big part of what attracted me to the company in the first place.

I studied economics in college, with concentrations in finance and management, and that experience taught me about different methods of promoting growth for businesses. The finance component gave me insight into the structural and mathematical perspective, whereas the management component built my toolkit in the strategic and relationship-driven aspects. 

One of my favorite sayings is, “if you think you know everything, you know nothing.” I believe that humility is key to continuous learning. I always believe that there is more to learn, and that belief keeps me feeling excited and passionate about the work I do each day.

On the weekends, I love going out with friends, shopping, going home to visit my family, and playing pickup soccer!




Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania

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