Sergio Valentini Head of Information Technology

As Head of IT at Turn/River,  I oversee our technology infrastructure to ensure security and regulatory compliance, as well as work closely with our IT providers to deliver efficient, high-quality IT planning and support. I demonstrate my passion for collaboration and communication by working to advance nascent software companies’ products and solutions.

Technology has been a lifelong interest of mine, long before joining T/R. In my early career, I led an IT team and trained the workforce on network operations. Later on, I furthered my professional development by learning new technologies working with U.S. clients while living in my home country of Argentina. These dynamic roles honed my skills, ultimately leading me to the managed services space in San Francisco. There, I was exposed to many SaaS companies and learned significantly from the variability of tasks and problem-solving requirements. 

Throughout my time in managed services, I’ve witnessed T/R’s exceptional corporate culture, professionalism, and expertise. We optimize and empower promising SaaS companies with our tried and tested best practices playbooks. I was thrilled at the opportunity to join the team and quickly witnessed firsthand the kindness and knowledge shown throughout the organization. 

Outside of the office, you can find me drinking coffee at any time of the day thanks to my caffeine immunity, wincing at cilantro in any dish as one of the 10 percent of people who find it to taste soapy, spending time with my family in West Marin, or biking around one of San Francisco’s many parks.



Prior Experience

Abacus Group

Echo Technology